If so, where was it? Did it really catch on fire? Do the ghosts of four or eight schoolchildren — depending on which version you hear — still haunt the land where the building once stood? Those are questions Calgary filmmaker Dori Davidson-Revill has pondered since he first heard the story in high school. He has devoted the last five years of his life to investigating the tale and next week his documentary will make its debut at the Calgary Comic Expo. Calgary filmmater Dori Davidson-Revill, right, seen here with film editor James Kennedy, has been working on his Devil's Playground documentary for the past five years. (Carly Stagg/CBC) Davidson-Revill says he wanted to delve deep into the history of the Devil's Playground and explore the whole legend to uncover the truth. "It's a real place in Calgary. There was actually a school on the land and it was run by a well-known family in Calgary, known as the Ellis family," Davidson-Revill told the  Calgary Eyeopener  Friday.

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