It ended with the Flames getting swept in the first round by the Anaheim Ducks . Boo. I hate the Ducks. the anaheim ducks: *exist as a franchise in the nhl* Calgary Flames Daily: Time for Work in the Off-Season More headlines around FanSided: Via Global News : Its a learning experience for all us in how fine the line is between winning and losing in the playoffs, said Calgary captain Mark Giordano, whose team was swept in its best-of-seven Western Conference quarter-final matchup. Penalties, mistakes, all the little details. I felt every game there was a little minor detail that they were better than us in and it was the difference. In the game, Brian Elliott was pulled out very early on after allowing a soft goal. His head was down mainly the entire time and he still had his helmet on. Youve gotta feel for the guy. Everyone on Twitter was basically gunning for him to be gone after this season. But lets not forget hes a BIG reason the Flames even made it to the playoffs.

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