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While the fact fewer commuters are battling for 2.5-metre by 5-metre berths might be cause for alarm for an agency that relies on providing enough pavement to meet parking demands, it’s a future the Calgary Parking Authority says it’s preparing for. “It’s a total shift in the type of demand we’re seeing,” said Mike Derbyshire, a retired Edmonton cop who now heads the Calgary Parking Authority. “I hate to use the term ‘it’s a race to the bottom,’ but you can now get parking on 9 Ave. on the city’s west side for just $5 a day.” It’s a reality that’s come into sharp focus during Calgary’s latest economic slump, with some 18,300 full-time positions lost in the city last year and a downtown office vacancy rate nearing 30 per cent . Derbyshire said due to the financial hard times, the parking authority has frozen its own parking rates for the last two years, while simultaneously reducing the prices in some of its downtown parkades alongside private operators in the core. Some private parking companies, desperate to replace dwindling revenues, resorted to online parking deals  last year. The economic slump comes on the heels of a super-heated economy that Derbyshire said likely skewed Calgary’s parking prices — regularly ranked among the highest on the planet — to levels that were hardly sustainable. “In 2013/2014, the supply and demand equation was way out of whack,” said the parking boss. “The equation as now been flipped — now we have excessive supply and not enough demand.” While fine revenue soared in 2016, Derbyshire said there was no reciprocal shift in enforcement linked to declining parking revenues. Instead, it appears the rise was primarily due to compounding penalties from people who didn’t pay immediately as well as more people risking not paying for parking and getting caught. “In a situation where money is tight, some people might be taking more chances,” Derbyshire said, adding there was also a small boost in fine revenue due to enforcement during street sweeping and snow route parking bans.

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